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ELAN General Contracting has been designing, building and managing retail remodels and build-outs for nearly 30 years, and we have never missed a store date opening yet! Our clients are as loyal to us as we are to them. Most of our Clients begin by asking to bid on a single project and many turn in to long term exclusive relationships, some lasting decades. We do what we say, and we make you look good in the process.


Your stakeholders, customers and mall owners know how important it is to open on time, because time is money. Our number one focus is to make you look good.

Consider ELAN General Contracting for your next project. You will be glad you did. Click More Information, Request a Quote or go to the Contact Us page. We look forward to working with you.

Club Division

There is never a good time to remodel! But now more than ever, many private clubs are seriously considering remodeling the clubhouse for a host of reasons, many of which may surprise you.

Neighborhoods change, socioeconomic status changes and lifestyles change. With 10,000 baby boomers retiring every day, and couples having children later in life, the amenities they desire to match their lifestyle should be considered when remodeling the club.

Hiring a project / construction management firm early on in the pre-construction phase will help in the transition to the construction phase. Selecting the contractor should be based on recommendations from your Remodeling Committee. The contractor you select is critical to maintaining good relations with the members and mitigating risk for the Board of Directors.

ELAN understands what it takes to remodeling and we understand the three steps that all clubs should take to get to their final destination:

  • Intelligence Gathering
  • Gentle Persuasion
  • Constant Communication

  • There are no shortcuts, and the success of the project will depend on how well each of these three steps are followed. More. . . .

    Construction Management

    From the first sketch to the final permit, ELAN documents every detail so you don’t have to worry. In an effort to recover Tenant Allowances quickly, we provide you with a “Completion Package” – which contains every document associated with the job, work in progress photos and every thing needed to receive final sign-off from every entity involved in the project.

    Our mission is to complete the job on time and complete the final punch list to get your Tenant Allowance back as quickly as possible.


    There are times when you need a GC and other times the GC needs an Architect or Engineer. In either case, ELAN would like to know more about you and your services. If we can help one another to meet our respective clients needs then everyone wins.

    A recent landmark restoration job in Soho NY required the best Architect money could buy. We interviewed nine of the best and selected the best of the best. If you want to be considered on the next job, we need to know who you are. Register now. If you have a client in need of a GC, we are standing by and eager to learn more. Many of our clients have been with us for over 17 years – we know how what it takes to keep a client happy.

    Subcontractors and Vendors

    Ask anyone that has worked with ELAN in 35 years what they like the most and 9 of 10 will say they love how quickly we pay for services rendered.

    As a sub or a vendor it’s all about cash flow and with ELAN, we pay quickly and in return you provide us with quality workmanship done on time.

    We are always in need of reliable subs and vendors across the country. To be considered for the next project, we need current information so we can invite you to the eBidRoom where you will find all the specifications on jobs listing trade and vendor requirements.


    The word ELAN means “vigorous spirit or enthusiasm” and that’s how we roll.

    For nearly 30 years the Founder and current President, Adrian Johnson has lived his personal and business life with vigor and enthusiasm. Meet Adrian Johnson

    Whether you are a client, a sub or an employee you can always count on ELAN to be there not only in the good times but when times are not so good. Our mission has and always be to “do what we say”. We walk our walk and talk our talk. You can trust ELAN General Contracting, Inc. to be there for you as we have for nearly 30 years. We look forward to working with you and your company.

    When it comes to Retail Design/Build...
    We make you look good!

    Since 1981, ELAN General Contracting is second to none when it comes to Retail Design, Build and Remodels. Our mission is simple. We make you look good! We treat your budget as if it was our own and we pay attention to the details. We have always maintained a low overhead, we make quick and intelligent decisions and our owner & founder is hands-on with over 35 years experience in Retail Store Planning, Design, Build and Construction Management. Call 619-284-4174 ext. 2 or email or send us your contact information and someone will get back to you promptly.

    Meet Adrian Johnson, Owner & CEO of ELAN General Contracting, Inc.

    For more information checkout our Mission Statement.



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