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Design Build Since 1981

Are you happy with your General Contractor?

Whether you are in the preliminary design phase or you have an approved budget and plans, ELAN General Contracting can help get your store open on time. No project is too big or small for ELAN and chances are good we have designed, built or managed a project in the mall you are considering.

We specialize in interior Retail Design build and remodels. A partial list of the services we provide include:

  • •    Turn-key design – build or ala carte
•    Conceptual Designs & Planning
•    Ground-up construction
•    Retail expansions
•    Architectural Design
•    Space Planning
•    Store Design
•    Pre-construction planning
•    Estimating
•    Mall & Developer Contract Negotiations
•    Permits
•    Pre and Post Construction management
•    Construction & project management scheduling
•    Change Order Management
•    Mechanical Engineering
•    Electrical Engineering
•    Structural Engineering
•    Construction document management
•    Subcontractor & Vendor sourcing for all trades
•    Understanding the psychology of
      consumer & consumer behavior

  1. We believe in going above and beyond the call of duty. ELAN builds it so that there are no call backs, punch lists, warrantee issues, or headaches for the owner. ELAN will build it beyond specs, even if we need to pay for it ourselves. It’s our guarantee that the owner is happy, you look good, and we don’t spend our money cleaning up something at a later date.
  3. We are perfectionists, therefore, we pay the most attention to detail. In 30 years there have only been 3 liens on jobs. All were due to misunderstandings and overzealous subs. All were resolved to the owner’s satisfaction without interruption.
  4. ELAN has had only one minor job site injury. Our safety program is unparalleled. We have never had a liability claim

Call 619-284-4174, email or tell us about your project at our Contact Us page and someone will get back with you immediately.