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If your job is to turn an approved project into a reality and you need a General Contractor you can trust, then you have come to the right place.

There are three things which seperate us from our competitors
1) Completion Package
2) Extensive database of subs and vendors
3) Quick Pay Philosophy

We pay attention to the details so you don't have to. The moment a project is received by ELAN we open up a file and document which contains every schedule, drawing, correspondence, estimates, permits, lien waivers and all activity even before the job has been approved and awarded. We have learned over the years that this is what seperates us from many of our competitors. We call this the "Completion Package".

ELAN invented the Completion Package nearly 25 years ago - which has become somewhat of an industry standard and we continue to use this process on every job.
At the Completion of every job we send one Completion Package to the Client and another to the Landlord to help your company to expedite the Tenant Allowance. Rest assured, when ELAN has been entrusted with your project we pay attention to every detail and we get it done on schedule which in turn gives you peace of mind.
  1. The Completion Package also contains any and all safety and noteworthy personnel related information. Note: In nearly 30 years, 
    1. ELAN has had only one minor job site injury. Our safety program is unparalleled and we have never had a liability claim.
  3. ELAN maintains a database of more than 20,000 subcontractors and vendors and uses innovative hiring and retention procedures combined with a "Quick Pay" philosophy to help keep your project on the priority list from subcontractors and vendors.
  4. We all know cash flow is critical for any business to survive, especially in the Construction Industry. So we have perfected a system in which we select, hire, manage and pay Subs and Vendors to insure they show up on time as scheduled - which means your project schedule stays on track.
  6. Subs and Vendors love us because we Pay Quickly. We don't wait until the last day to squeeze the vendor or subcontractor. On the contrary, ELAN pays as soon as the task is completed to our superintendants satisfaction which motivates the subcontractor or vendor to perform on time and accoridng to the specifications.
  7. Our reputation for treating our subs and vendors with respect is known industry wide and allows us to mobilize quickly and get your cash register to ring on time.