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We pay fast....

Cash is king and we know how important it is to get paid as quickly as possible to pay your staff. At ELAN, we have been known as "Quick Payers", sometimes within 24 hours of the completed contract.

For nearly 30 years we have made it known to our subs and vendors we pay on demand and in return we get quality work on time and according to specifications. We depend on our Subs and Vendors to meet our clients needs to have the retail store open on time and on budget. 

  1. ELAN is a small family run business with a second generation soundly in place with the same values and drive. ELAN has with stood  downturns in the economy, bankruptcies of clients and subs, strikes, volcanoes, earthquakes, fires, floods, tornados, blizzards, and hurricanes.
  2. ELAN is financially sound and has been with the same bankers for more than 10 years. We have had the same insurance agent since the 90’s and our bonding agent wrote our first bond in the 80’s
  3. ELAN plans on passing the business and legacy to generations of Johnson’s and to some of our key  employees. We will accomplish this thru all of the above and the essence of integrity and look forward having you join our family.

Call us at 619-284-4174 x-2 or email and lets see if have what it takes to be a reliable subcontractor or vendor to the ELAN team. 

To register please visit the eBidroom and fill in the registration form. Note: if you are already a subcontractor or vendor to ELAN, please fill in the form as we are in the process of improving our systems and may not have your current information on file.

We look forward to working with you