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Historic Restoration - SoHo, NY

Built in 1818, this Federal Landmark building has been transformed in to a Flagship Retail location and is an excellent example of SoHo’s early period. The building has undergone substantial changes in use and occupancy throughout its history.

Beginning as early at 1850 the building was expanded and altered to function for commercial purposes.  Its original gambrel roof, lifted to its present configuration and an inserted wood and glass storefront flanking a chamfered entrance, were the house’s first transformation.  This change reflected the transition of the residential neighborhood into a commercial, manufacturing and retail neighborhood.

The face bricks on the Spring Street façade demonstrate the many alterations the building has endured incorporating salvaged bricks. More than half of the restored façade uses the original face bricks, which were recycled as they were in several previous reconstructions occurring between the Civil War and the mid twentieth century.

In 2006 ELAN General Contracting, a design / build company doing work nationwide, and William J. Rockwell architect were permitted by the owner’s, to proceed with the present transformation, that retains the overall historic building’s shape and materiality while providing a glass addition that reveals even more of the original house’s features at its north side.  

The contrast of the new and old bricks tells the story of the neighborhood and of how buildings endure – reassembled and restored.  

This project was full of surprises, local and federal agency intervention, neighbors with strong opinions and the local press.  The project was completed to the clients satisfaction.

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Historical Restoration - Soho, NY
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