Maui to Manhattan

Design Build Since 1981

CROCS - Nationwide

ELAN General Contracting has had the privilege of working with CROCS to plan, design, build and manage mutliple projects over the years. From Maui to Manhattan is our tag-line, but it in this case it is literally the truth.

CROCS stores range from simple remodels and tenant improvements at airports, strip malls, shopping centers to complete renovations in free standing buildings. Most stores require our in-house store planners to design custom fixtures, displays and lighting where others require architects and engineers. All projects receive a "Completion Package", and in most cases ELAN is responsible for securing the tenant allowances on behalf of the client.

ELAN General Contracting has multiple project managers and superintendants working across the country on behalf of CROCS and has had as little as 45 days to complete some remodels.

ELAN has never missed a store opening date which helps keep the cash register ringing.

CROCS - Nationwide
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