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Retention, Recruitment and Usage….

Private Clubs are a business and should be run like a business. Understanding what Members need is just as important as knowing what prospective members want.


The Private Club competes for the members time and entertainment dollars, and if the Club does not offer the right amenities, “usage” will decline over time. To remedy the decrease in usage, many Clubs raise dues or assess the members to make up the difference, which causes an increase in attrition. With fewer members and declining revenues the Club may find it difficult to attract new members as the initiation fess tend to increase to offset the reduced income. We call this the “Death Spiral” and in most cases, a Remodel can cure the problems, if executed properly.  


Herein lies the problem. Many Private Clubs don’t take the time to survey members, engage the Membership Director in the process or evaluate the demographics. To further complicate the matter, the Board typically rotates one third of its board each year and with each change, new agendas and initiatives are introduced.


ELAN’s management team and our strategic partnerships with Architectural and Design teams are well positioned to assist with any project, large or small, from Maui to Miami. So whether you are in the early planning phase or are releasing plans to bid, ELAN is perfect choice.


For a free consultation, please contact Adrian Johnson at 619-814-4911 or send an email to and they will be happy to answer any of your questions.


ELAN Sponsors 21st Annual Seminole Club Managers Gala June 12, 2011

When John Fornaro, Publisher of the Boardroom Magazine invited ELAN to sponsor the 21st Annual Seminole Club Managers Gala at the Boca West Country Club we didn’t hesitate. It was an honor to not only attend but to sponsor the event and to be part of such a worth cause. Jay DiPietro, CCM along with Michael McCarthy GM from Addison Reserve and many other distinguished committee members were on hand to raise over $400,000 for local charities including Toys for Tots, the Special Olympics and other Foundations.

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